We combine different therapies to harmonize your body, mind and soul. It is my joy inspiring you to embrace your healthiest, happiest, and most conscious self to create a thriving wave on the planet.

Our vision

I envision a world where everyone is sovereign, free to live their truth, and achieve their highest potential. Where each individual honors another given rise to a vital, joyful, empowered humanity that lives in harmony with the web of life. A world that reconciles the wisdom of the mind with the wisdom of the heart. A world where everyone thrives.

Our Offers

Face-to-face in Perth (Karrinyup Studio) & Online Coaching

English & Portuguese

Sound Therapy

uses different sound frequencies to relax, calm and reset your nervous system and boost well-being. Sound vibrations balance the energy centers, biofield, and free the energy flow. Each session is unique, addressing the current imbalances.



is a gentle touch therapy that helps the body heal itself. Reiki reduces anxiety, depression, pain, distress and fatigue. Reiki creates a sense of calm and joy. It boosts your energy, and increases physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Mind & Body Eating

through this journey, you find out how your thoughts, emotions and behavior impact your digestion, nutrition, and eating habits. And, how you, as an Eater, have the power to create a harmonic relationship with your body & food.


It is my joy to support you on your journey!

(CEO & Founder)

Are you ready to thrive?

We are here to hold space and support you, no matter where you are in your journey.

We use gentle but powerful therapies that address the whole of you - Mind, Body & Soul.

We offer several tools for you to heal, grow and empower yourself, or simply relax and have fun.

Waves for thriving provides in person and online sessions to harmonize your body, mind and energy flow.

Are you living in survival mode?

What causes stress?

Our fast-paced society can overwhelm, over-stimulate, and disconnect us from yourself, others and nature.

Chronic stress can be caused by unprocessed emotions and life challenges, such as: (i) habitual worrying and anxiety, (ii) fearful thoughts, (iii) a deeply dissatisfying job, (iv) dysfunctional relationships, (v) financial struggle, (vi) chronic disease, and (vii) ongoing exposure to toxins.



What happens to your body under stress?

Under ongoing stressful situations ("fight-or-flight" state), the body releases stress hormones (cortisol, norepinephrine, adrenaline, etc..) which shut off our immune system, our ability to think clearly, our growth and repair, and increase the risk to develop many diseases [30].

Relaxation & Healing

Once the threat is gone, the parasympathetic nervous system acts like a brake, calms the body and supports the rest and digestion [32]. All healing, detoxification, cellular regeneration occurs in a parasympathetic state.

Emotions & Healing

Further, our emotions affects our heart beating. Anger, frustration and anxiety generate erratic heart beating. On the other hand, feelings of gratitude, love and compassion create: (i) coherent heart pulsations, (ii) greater synchronization between the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous systems, and (iii) higher parasympathetic activity [20].

Relaxed, calm and grateful feelings are optimal for healing, repair and growth of new cells

What are energy balance therapies good for?

Energy healing therapies balance the energy field in and around the body. Common reasons for seeking energy healing include: mood disorders (depression, anxiety, panic attacks), attention deficit disorder (ADD & ADHD), inability to rest and sleep issues, trauma response (PTSD), nervous system regulation and getting better health. 

Energy balance therapies can also restore your intuition, your connection to nature and a higher intelligence that lives within and gives life to you.

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Free yourself to thrive

How Can we support you?

Sound Therapy - Reiki - Mindful Eating 

Karrinyup Studio

Suite 6 - Ground Floor

86 Francis Avenue

Next to Karrinyup I Shopping

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Tuesday: 8 am to 8 pm

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Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm



+61 450 744 627

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We acknowledge and honor aboriginal land (Whadjuk Noongar Boodja) and pay respect to Elders both past, present and future.

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