Nice meeting you, I am Alessandra

The founder of Waves for Thriving

I am so happy that you are here! My vision for you is to live an awesome life and thrive each day. I love inspiring people move from surviving to thriving.

By combining Biofield tuning, Sound therapy, Reiki and Mindful Eating approaches, I help you to heal of the whole of you (Body, Mind and Soul).

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I combine different therapies to shift you from surviving to thriving:

Sound Therapy

This Sound Journey helps you release old patterns that do not serve you, become self-aware, change, and grow.


It is an energy booster, and it enhances the body self-healing power.

Mind & Body Eating Coaching

We chat about how to transform your relationship with food and your body into an opportunity to grow, take loving care of yourself and become your best self.

What can you expect from me?

I set the intention for you to thrive,

Holding a fun, compassionate and safe space,

Be a non-judgmental and caring listener,

To offer different techniques and tools to support your change and growth,

Guide you and be your accountability partner step by step on your journey,

Focus on your most immediate needs.

"I believe that to heal, grow, and empower ourselves, we have to acknowledge the interconnectedness of our body, mind, and soul."


Certificate (2021), Diploma (2021), Advanced Diploma (2022) and Master (in progress) in Kyela Sound Therapy from Australian College of Sound Ttherapy (

Group Sound Facilitator Certificate (2021) from Australian College of Sound therapy.

Mind & Body Eating Coach Certificate (2016) from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating  (

Reiki  – Level I (2009)
(Usui system; Master Claudette Franca)

Reiki – Level II (2015)
(Usui system; Master Roger Weston)

Bsc, Msc in Science, PhD in Physics (2005)

Professional Membership

Waves For Thriving Alessandra Mantovanelli member associations

Short Trainings

Brain and sensory Foundations: neurodevelopmental movement for physical, emotional, social and learning skills
(Move Play Thrive – Sonia Store)

Access Body Talk
(Body Talk System, John Veltheim)

Foundations of Hypnosis for Self and Others
(Inner Results, Jeremy Hills)

Bioenergetic Medicine
(8-day Energy Body Tune-Up Program; Dr Christine Schaffner)

Are you ready to thrive?

Sound Healing -Biofield tuning - Reiki - Mindful Eating 

Karrinyup Studio - Perth & Online

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